Statistical Consulting

· 2017/01/01 · 1 minute read

I love thinking about other people’s statistical problems! So get in touch if you need help with:

Small Inquiries

If I have time, I will answer to small inquiries on Stan Discourse, tag me in as @martinmodrak to get my attention. You can check out list of my previous answers.

Academic Research

I am privileged to have a lot of freedom in what I do in research. So within the academic sphere, I am generally open to more substantial consulting in exchange for co-authorship, details depend on the project. You can check out my published research output on my ORCID, some not officialy published stuff is also at Zenodo.

Commercial / NGO

Commercial and NGO consulting is available on a case-by-case basis, though I have less experience in this area. Currently, I am helping the Czech Scout Movement use insights from data to better harness and grow the potential of its young adult members.

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